Piante Marconi - Vivai - Grottammare | Sustainability
Marconi plants marries an eco-sustainable future thanks to drip irrigation, telemetric detection and hill cultivation. Learn More.
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We work everyday with and for Nature.
To improve our environment, we both take care of its beauty and enhance the ecosustainability of our activities.
For this reason, all of our plants are drip-irrigated, so we can save fresh water, and we have a water recovery system to make our cultivations more efficient. Moreover, most of our plants, such as our organic Laurus nobilis, are cultivated on the hillside, where the microclimate is ideal for organic farming.
The same applies to our PGI Baytree Project, where the importance of origin-tracking, recognisability and quality-check guarantee are stressed.
We want to share a green-world future with you.