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Piante Marconi is the nursery company of Grottammare which exports the green beauty of the Mediterranean to the world. Discover our ornamental plants.
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Together we grow

It has been two hundred years since Antonio Marconi, the nursery’s founder, originally started his business in Grottammare, Marche, his hometown by the Adriatic Sea. Since then, the nursery has gradually expanded, becoming a company which supplies plants to customers across Europe.
Today we can rely on a team of highly specialised growers and gardeners and on a staff capable of meeting our customers’ needs, including advice on plants and gardening, quantitative checking, packing, and taking care of the shipping. Our team of professionals works in synergy to take care of, to ship and to plant our ornamental plants abroad, as well as to the rest of Italy.
Nonetheless, we haven’t forgotten our roots: we are a family where each and everyone works towards the same goal.
Our work ethics is based on a strong sense of responsibility and on a green-world philosophy, and it determines the end results which our business wants to achieve.
This is the philosophy underlying our company, and we would like to share it with you. Welcome!

Our History

It all began in the second half of the 1800s, when Antonio Marconi – the founder of our family’s company – started growing oranges in Grottammare, on the splendid coast of Southern Marche.
The area’s microclimate made it an ideal environment for cultivating citrus fruits. With the passing of time, Antonio began to experiment with other plants and to branch out with Pittosporum, Nerium Oleander, palm trees and with Mediterranean plants in general, as he was fascinated by the vitality the area’s microclimate gave to the plants. Thanks to his intuition, Antonio understood the need for ornamental plants of his customers, who were from the local middle class.


We will make your creativity blossom

We especially address landscapers, architects, growers, and gardeners: together we can help your ideas blossom and grow. We invite you to our headquarters in Grottammare, home to a number of nurseries…


Spreading green culture around the world

Our roots have spread to reach France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and the Gulf countries. Our company’s expansion is twinned with a deep respect for our plants: they…


A warm welcome awaits you

Visiting us, you will have the opportunity to get a feeling of what it is like to be at Piante Marconi, surrounded by the beauty of the spontaneous Mediterranean scrub, the Lauretum. You will enjoy a relaxing…


Working for a green world

We work everyday with and for Nature.
To improve our environment, we both take care of its beauty and enhance the ecosustainability of our activities…