Piante Marconi - Vivai - Grottammare | Piante Marconi | History
Read how the Piante Marconi nursery business has changed over time and discover why it has been cultivating the same passion for greenery for two centuries.
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Cultivating the same passion over two centuries

It all began in the second half of the 1800s, when Antonio Marconi – the founder of our family’s company – started growing oranges in Grottammare, on the splendid coast of Southern Marche.
The area’s microclimate made it an ideal environment for cultivating citrus fruits. With the passing of time, Antonio began to experiment with other plants and to branch out with Pittosporum, Nerium Oleander, palm trees and with Mediterranean plants in general, as he was fascinated by the vitality the area’s microclimate gave to the plants. Thanks to his intuition, Antonio understood the need for ornamental plants of his customers, who were from the local middle class. So, from a simple activity in agriculture, slowly growing through the 1900s, the nursery became a share cropping and, in the 21st century, it finally evolved into a company which has taken it to leading level in its class thanks to technology.
Even a terrible freeze in the winter of 1985 did not deter us from continuing in our activity. On the contrary, that event taught us to go forth and prompted us to adopt new systems of keeping and protecting our plants in our “Holding Bays”, giving us the impetus to regenerate our company into an even stronger position. Today our company employs up to 25 workers, alongside our family, and we grow and export our potted plants, spreading the beauty of the Mediterranean flora across Italy, Europe and beyond.
Many things have changed over the years, nonetheless Marconi’s green heart keeps beating at our historical headquarters in Grottammare, where Mediterranean plants thrive, we are still cultivating the same love for our greenery!