Piante Marconi - Vivai - Grottammare | Accomodation
Piante Marconi reserves you a princely invitation to Grottammare. You will discover the Lauretum, the history, the culture and the gastronomy of the Piceno.
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Visiting us, you will have the opportunity to get a feeling of what it is like to be at Piante Marconi, surrounded by the beauty of the spontaneous Mediterranean scrub, the Lauretum. You will enjoy a relaxing stay at the four-starred hotel Parco dei Principi, or at our guest house, both in Grottammare.
Our headquarters are by the sea, in a town with a touristic vocation, rich in historic sites and in food & wine culture. The ancient villages nearby, the hills, the Appennines, typical dessert wines and PGI cheeses, and the fortresses overlooking the Adriatic Sea will enrich your experience, and you will discover the charms of our area and our passion for its green heart.
We look forward to seeing you at Piante Marconi: Grottammare keeps its doors open for you to visit!