Piante Marconi - Vivai - Grottammare | Export
From Grottammare, Marconi plants exports the love and culture of Mediterranean ornamental plants throughout the world.
Piante, Marconi, Grottammare, Ascoli Piceno, San Benedetto del Tronto, vivaisti, vivaio, azienda, piante, palme, palmizi, alberature, arbusti, succulente, nane
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Our roots have spread to reach France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and the Gulf countries. Our company’s expansion is twinned with a deep respect for our plants: they undergo scrupulous phytosanitary inspections; we grow them with a careful eye to their natural spaces, avoiding any possible source of stress to them, so they can thrive and grow healthy.
We are devoted to preserving our plants’ wellbeing also during transportation, so we put special effort into packing and loading them for shipping. Our plants always get to destination in compliance with the international trade laws and we make sure that they get delivered to you intact and keeping their original brightness.
We love and protect our green world.